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And tube macaroni!
Hung out with Abby today! That was a blast because I haven't seen her in forever. We set up little green army men battles all throughout the mall!

Not much to say beyond that. Hung out with the K-man (Kyle :P) like I always do on Saturday, but it's assumed that that was really cool. We reviewed the man man script and talked about some new lines. (This, sir, is a WILDLY stapled document!) That's about it. Gonna get back to work on the script tomorrow.

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I dunno what to say other than NEW CAR!



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I loveeeeee it.

That's about all. Later :3
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Today... was a day. Went bowling with the dad and brother, which was cool. We bowled three games. Studied some, came home, I watched Silence of the Lambs with Mike. (Always fun!) And then... hmm.

That's about it.

Fixed Jenn's theme thingy sorta, I'm happy about that :)
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Now that I have your attention...

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today! Well, lots happened, actually. But nothing that's not in the vein of a "typical" saturday. Today, as you may or may not know, was tournament day, which means I lugged myself and several sheets of cardboard down to All Stars and played Yu-Gi-Oh till my eyes bled. Kyle was there, which is guaranteed to make the day kick ass (I wouldn't go if he wasn't. As much as I like the tournaments, there'd be no point in going without him.) I got knocked out first round, but not after defeating my opponent once with a rather solid strategy (something rare for me!) I drew many good hands though, so the day was not without... something. After that, me and Kyle wandered the mall a bunch. Saw that girl again that reminded me of Manda. I think I might actually talk to her next time I see her. Or get her number. Or something. We'll see, said the blind man. Actually, he didn't. He's also mute.

Hung out with Mike after that (and a quick bout of studying) which was more uneventful than anything. We sat around in my room and watched various videos I had on my computer. Mike left, and I tried (and failed) to sit through lost in translation. Oh well.


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Saw a Salvador Dali exhibition today, it was fascinating. THe artwork ranged from the really... well, standard, good looking artwork, to, as I expected, some of the most insane things i'd ever seen.

Some good things I saw:

- Flaming Girrafes
- A painting titled "The Grand Masturbator"
- A lobster telephone
- Some creepy half-human, half-boat skeletons
- Ants
- Lip-shaped sofas
- A turnip

Which one of these things doesn't belong!? It's hard to tell, but I didn't see one of them. Give it your best shot. The art was impressive, the companionship was good (it was me, Mike, Mike's mom and my mom.) We ate at a kick-ass restaurant where I got ravioli and ceasar salad, as well as about four rolls doused in oil. Mm-mm-mm. Train ride was boring at best, but what can you do?

Oh, and I woke up early to get schoolwork done. It was a quite productive day.

That's about it. It was a fun, fun day.

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Today was fairly uneventful. Recorded MACGYVERPALOOZA with Mike in the school studio, watched Tommy Boy, did some school work and... what else? Nothing. Oh! I made a tag for splashing the beginning of Man Man when we shoot it, which will be soon, hopefully. Other than that, nothing to report. Pizzeace.

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Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 25 songs that come up and add "in my pants".

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Humorous results.

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I'm so bloody stressed right now. Classes are overwhelming... I got a little bit behind in my work and it SNOWBALLED. Now I'm missing a big grade from communications, I've got a C+ on my film journals and a bunch of other not-so-good things. I even opted out of an extra credit paper because I just couldn't handle doing that much work tonight. Got all my other work done, including a 6-page research outline for Sociology (which was a bitch to do, seriously. It was painful.) Today as a whole was uneventful. Lots of work spread along it. Tomorrow I have to go in for lab hours after class. I'm taking Mike with me to play the part of MacGuyver. Should be interesting, to say the least (and lots of fun.) Ah well. We'll see what happens.

Another packed day of work awaits me tomorrow. I dunno why I have to stress myself out so much, if I didn't put the work off so much I'd be fine. But lazy ol' me... ah, well.


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Field trip today. We went to Italian philly. It was cool, for the most part. Met some new people, specifically Katy. She was cool, it was rather interesting meeting her and her friends, whose names I never caught, to be honest. Hopefully we'll all meet up again, soon. That'd be cool. The trip was pleasant, got some vanilla pizelles and a latte at Anthony's coffee house, my favorite coffee place ever. It's such a nice little homey store with good coffee. I got my mom a "World's Richest Brownie" at a pastry shop down the street. That was cool. Earlier in the day, though, on the way to the area we were hanging out in, we stopped in at a butchers. I -hate- butcher shops so much, and I nearly got knocked over by a sheep carcass hanging fom a creepy hook, so I made a beeline for the door. That's where I met Katy, backtracking. She said she wasn't going to go in because she was vegetarian. Honestly, seeing that butcher shop made me want to go vegetarian too.

Other than that, I did nothing today. OH! BUT!

Mike made me an AWESOME shirt (he made one for himself, too.) It says "The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" in yellow and pink on a black shirt. Very, very cool. I love it. Gonna wear it tomorrow. Yay for that! Yay for Mike!

Oh, and another random remark, watching TV just now I just saw my favorite commercial of all time, from the "want a fanta?" campaign. That song is SO hypnotic and catchy - if you've ever seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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paste on some macaroni
I dunno what to say about this one. Jew school in the morning was entirely uneventful, except for that I played Clue in youth leadership. That was fun.

Saw Ring Two with mike. Not much to say, it wasn't that exciting a movie. Wasn't scared at all, once, even in the jarring parts... and... well, not much really happened. The film moved at such a slow pace it was nearly unbearable at times, but the movie eventually ended.

That's all I have to say about that.

Oh. I bought a milkshake today, and it was REALLY big. I wasted so much money on it. Damn. I felt so bad. :P
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