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Anal sex! - Gluuuuueee!
And tube macaroni!
Anal sex!
Now that I have your attention...

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today! Well, lots happened, actually. But nothing that's not in the vein of a "typical" saturday. Today, as you may or may not know, was tournament day, which means I lugged myself and several sheets of cardboard down to All Stars and played Yu-Gi-Oh till my eyes bled. Kyle was there, which is guaranteed to make the day kick ass (I wouldn't go if he wasn't. As much as I like the tournaments, there'd be no point in going without him.) I got knocked out first round, but not after defeating my opponent once with a rather solid strategy (something rare for me!) I drew many good hands though, so the day was not without... something. After that, me and Kyle wandered the mall a bunch. Saw that girl again that reminded me of Manda. I think I might actually talk to her next time I see her. Or get her number. Or something. We'll see, said the blind man. Actually, he didn't. He's also mute.

Hung out with Mike after that (and a quick bout of studying) which was more uneventful than anything. We sat around in my room and watched various videos I had on my computer. Mike left, and I tried (and failed) to sit through lost in translation. Oh well.


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1 noodle or paste on some macaroni
From: minorking1121 Date: March 27th, 2005 04:59 am (UTC) (Link)


Easter, this equals candy which if i eat will make me even fatter (like thats possible). Not too mention a day of religion and family. Sigh, oh well... i'll make the best of it.
1 noodle or paste on some macaroni