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I uh... - Gluuuuueee!
And tube macaroni!
I uh...
Hung out with Abby today! That was a blast because I haven't seen her in forever. We set up little green army men battles all throughout the mall!

Not much to say beyond that. Hung out with the K-man (Kyle :P) like I always do on Saturday, but it's assumed that that was really cool. We reviewed the man man script and talked about some new lines. (This, sir, is a WILDLY stapled document!) That's about it. Gonna get back to work on the script tomorrow.

2 noodles or paste on some macaroni
From: tropicalrainbow Date: May 4th, 2005 02:05 am (UTC) (Link)

Max :-( whimper, whimper

I once school gets out you'll start to write in here more often. I wanna hear bout what's going on. Ya I see you in class but we're busy and a lot of the time when I'm on to talk you're already asleep. I hope all three of us, Josh you and I, will get to hang out this summer. I think you're awesome and a lot of fun to be around. I'm really into your random thought pattern and your spazy way of talking, your enthusiasim, your positive and kind nature and all that good stuff. I dunno man you're jus so interesting to me. You're into all this different stuff and I'd like to get into some of the music you listen to and all your other interest and hobbies. I definitely wanna go to Brunswick lanes to do DDR with you and your friends, meet Mike and all the other dudes :-) lol.
Talk to ya soon
Frosty Fox
Actually I might wanna be called Glittery Frosty Fox from now on LOL
:-) Guess I'll explain lata why
From: tropicalrainbow Date: June 8th, 2005 08:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Max :-( whimper, whimper

Now I call myself GlitteryRainbowFrostyFox :-) I know this is a random comment and you haven't writen in over 2 months now but felt like putting it in. Dude, I am such a hyprocrit I want you to write in your LJ all the time, but I never do it and I have all the time in the world. It's jus for me I want it to be memorable post, like real interesting, sweet or funny or whatever. I think I have stuff to write about it from last night. We'll see. Well I can't talk to you cuz this computer(I'm at a small libary at Temple cuz Josh is reading a book that he can not sign out that he needs to read for his class) and they have all instant messengers blocked. ANNOYING! We got here a lil after 4 and this libary closes at 5. If you get this message write back in here, this way I can see it before I go. Peace :-)
Glittery Rainbow Frosty Fox
P.S I am thinking of doing an art project of a picture of my new name. I'd be kool if I could then take a picture of the pic I drew and then minamize it and that'd be my pic for my LJ. Also maybe I could do the drawling on a blank shirt :-) lol Aight. See ya. PAYCE! **** HUGS****
2 noodles or paste on some macaroni