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And tube macaroni!
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3 noodles or paste on some macaroni
I saw Kyle today, which was awesome! I missed the hell outta that kid! So it was cool seeing him, and even cooler getting to play him in the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. Yeah, I know, I'm a loser. But I did! After that we cruised the mall for a while. Saw this girl who really reminded me of manda and toyed with the idea of asking her number but decided against it. My interests are elsewhere, anyway. Specifically Jenn. Just met her, but, yeah, she seems rather cool, and I could totally see myself abandoning my pledge of "no more LDRs, EVER." She's an actual furry, too. Ear and tail wearing, name-having furry. That is REALLY cool. Hard to find even a DECENT furry girl, and she seems far more than decent (that's about the best I can say without sounding like I'm fawning, which I totally could be doing. She's that cool!) I would continue to yammer on, but I don't like fawning in public. If you want to know more I suppose you can ask. (She also has a really cool taste in music that intrigues me...)

Then I hung out with Mike, which was cool, too. We went to taco bell, and talked about something that was supposed to stick in my mind, but I now forget. Then we rode home and watched the Grand Illusion, this time with subtitles. Turned out making much more sense this time through. Makes sense though, now that we could understand the dialogue. Let's see... what else... we, uh, watched some TV after that and found this song, "Nights in White Satin." I really, really like it. It's beautiful. Then he left.


Peace, guys ^^

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We're gonna celebrate, uh-huh, oh yeah, don't stop the dancing.

Today was a standard day. Actually, I lied. A lot happened today. Went to work and was fairly productive, got some more travel stuff done, actually, I got a fair amount done. Worked a good long number of hours too, I really earned my parking space! Wait... what? Point is I got a lot done. Power to me!

After that, came home. Watched "The Grand Illusion" in french (with stirpleton,) only to discover AFTER the fact that it had subtitles. No wonder we were so lost. We're gonna watch it again tomorrow, I guess. Sigh. It was.. interesting. Those soliders were on the most fun prison camp I coiuld imagine. They partied the whole time, and never actually... escaped. As far as we could tell. I didn't know what to take notes on, either. Ah well.

Let's see... after that was SPORTS NIGHT! (Spring Break!!!) It wasn't cool at all. I was crowded in and shite, it was obnoxious. Seriously, I've never been surrounded by so many annoying people. Furthermore, the woman in front of me kept giving me dirty looks. I do think, however, that I was swearing an inordinate amount (in retrospect.) I was just SO PISSED OFF. It's a horrid school tradition, for the uninitiated, for Pennsbury to throw a big event called "Sports Night" once a year. Basically, sports night is more of an "activites night" because all they do is dance (very poorly) and perform various tasks passed off as games. For example, they must piggyback a midget across the gym several dozen times in a row, or play tug-o-war. None of them are really sports to be honest. We left after Jessi's goofy dance (which involved pants removal!) That's about it.


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there's nothing left to prance about!? Hmm!? Will you be prancing then!?

I seem to have been bombed with virii or some sort of spyware. My hours spent visiting torrent trackers and packetnews seem to have finally done me in, once I thought I'd finally defeated the spyware demons. So once again I'm sitting around helplessly as AVG and Ad-Aware as well as Spybot S&D mercilessly scan the crap out of my computer. I'm so frustrated! I did, however, get saw out of the deal. And hopefully family guy season 3 is somewhere in the pipeline. Mmm, pipeline.

Not much of merit to mention today. Me and mike hung out for a while, but basically just watched TV and smacked eachother around with pillows and other objects. 'Twas fun. I worked a lot too, though I felt sick and wound up not working long.

Gonna watch the grand illusion, tomorrow. By Jean Renoire.


I got really bored today:

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I scored lower than I expected.

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Mike made me realize how dumb I sound when I talk today. I use the word "dude" to represent any one of a hundred words. It's actually really dumb.

We went to the mall, I got a cinnabon and a faygo. I LOVE faygo root beer. Apparently it's ICP related in some way, but I don't care. It just tastes good. Came back home, watched some good teevee!

Earlier on in the day I went to work. Captured a lot of travel video on my newly tricked-out workstation. It looks really hot.

Oh, and I upped my storage space by 150gb. I'm now at 508gb, or 0.5tb. Very nice.

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Nothing of great importance happened today.

I stayed at home -all- day. Didn't leave for a minute. In fact, I spent most of my time in my computer chair in my room. I got several Edirol instruments - edirol soundscape, edirol orchestral and edirol quartet. They're all awesome and sound great. I made some RPG music with Edirol Orchestral, and am hoping to send it out to homebrew RPG developers to get a job scoring an RPG. I worked on a paper for a LONG while, too. That's about it.

Okay, so I'll sign off with about that much, today.


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11 or so shots of espresso at once today, in a big travel mug. I was proud of myself.

Today was the first TRUE day of SPRING BREAK!™* and it was quite enjoyable. I lazed around till 12, sat down to do some DJing, then left the house to hang with Nataku. Always a fun experience. He tried fixing his radio, but he didn't have the right reciept, so we moved on to Jo-Ann fabrics and looked at sewing machines and patterns and bobbins and all other sorts of things that I don't know much about. After learning about something called a thong or thwack or blawk or thneed or something along those lines that sews with four spools of thread at once to make a more sturdy seam, we left. After that, let's see... we went to the mall and hung out. I saw Katie Staudt, who I haven't seen in forever, and Myra! It was quite cool. Then, lessee... um, I got a cinnabon. That was about it.

After that, it was straight home to take care of Eli and hang out with Stirpleton. We decided to go bowling and left for the alley, and after a fairly long drive we wound up at the alley, only to be informed that there was in fact no open bowling. We left, headed back home, got some stuffed shells at Fat TonY's (I have no clue why the Y was capitalized) and then watched some good teevee! We watched snippets of pimp my ride, some dumb show where a series of crazy people wander in to a house and try and buy it, a show with a talking parrot that did tricks and... what was the other one? Oh, yeah, Nanny 911. Ugh. Then we watched 24, which was wicked (as always!) and included a good gunfight.

I've got to do some sort of video for my brother's school soon, I'm not quite sure what it entails and furthermore it seems I keeped getting roped into a bigger and more detailed project. I have to capture all the video via an analog card, too, which means more work (and I get angry faces made at me for poor video quality!) I'm not quite sure what I'm doing even. Some video about improvements in the school? We'll see. Good luck to me on this one, because I'm gonna have to pull something out of my ass to make it look good if it's shot on hi-8 like I'm guessing it is.

Haven't seen Cross or Sindi at length in days now, and Tursi's been scarce, too. Online, I'm quite lonely. I actually regressed to talking on Furcadia for a while, yuck.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

* © Copyright 2004-2005 Kyle Platz

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Today was fairly uneventful. Jew school in the morning, once again very dull. Not much happened at ALL. Period. Liz, however, was there. I didn't expect her to be. That made my day! Zim was annoying, as always. But whatever, I can live. I'll put up with it. I downloaded the pilot episode to Family Guy hoping for something not many people'd seen, but it turns out it's just a more poorly drawn, shorter version of the first RELEASED episode with bad voices and jerky animation. Chris was a drunk, lois had blonde hair and stewie looked... well, bizzare.

After that, Mike came over and we watched that movie... the Shining! It was very, very good and I was legitimately creeped out. Some of the camera work was really nice, especially the big-wheel tracking shots. There were also a couple nice shots in which the pattern on the carpet was used to add movement to the shot, very artfully done. The ending was rather good, too. For the most part. Then he left. I'm gonna take a shower now, I don't feel good.

Peter: Maybe you don't have to pee. Hey, I oughta just give you some BEER, it goes right through ya!
Stewie: Wonderful, and while we're at it, we can light up a doobie and watch porn!
Peter: R... really?

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